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Dreaming Lizard Graphics

Cindy has been a Pinup artist since the late 1980s. Being inspired by artists such as Olivia, Boris Vallejo and the American fantasy and science fiction artist, Frank Frazetta. Here we bring her blend of style to wonderful prints, posters and stickers.

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Cindy A Joubert-Kelly of Dreaming Lizard Graphics

Cindy A Joubert-Kelly of Dreaming Lizard Graphics, is a Canadian illustrator who has been doing professional commissions since 1988. Much of the work Cindy was known for was the incredible detail of her fantasy pinup girls. She started gaining traction by connecting with musicians from the local music circuit in Calgary by doing custom art on stage clothing and drum kits. 


She and her sister, Nicole, had always dreamed of owning their own clothing line like the Chip & Pepper Foster brothers from the late 1980’s and they both took every opportunity to customize all their family and friends clothing. 


Over the years the sisters had been successful doing commission work, most of it doing logo work, portraits and graphic design. Cindy had donated to multiple charities over the years and designed work for teachers manuals, travel books, promos and book covers. In 2015 Cindy designed the promo poster for the horror movie short, GOREgeous  for the Bloodmainia series. In 2017 she designed a promo poster for the music event, Tushfest for the band Teachers Pet. Also in the same year she illustrated multiple images for the Fullmoon book series by P Mattern. For 6 years Cindy gave her heart and soul to the book series, The Paladin Sequence, written by Lance Tuck. This was a 13 book series on epic proportions about a world on a brink of an apocalypse brought on from the fight of good and evil. 

Another accomplishment Cindy is proud of, was being published in the January 2004 and the July 2011 of the Heavy Metal Magazine. A childhood favourite for both the sisters, and this is where the majority of their artistic roots came from.


Cindy has other personal accomplishments over the years but she is now primarily dedicated to her various business such as her 2 Dreaming Lizard Graphics stores, and focusing on expanding the streetwear brand she and her sister have started. Their company, Sib.Bling Rivalry, a gritty graphic clothing line directed to rockers and music lovers with 'Wear Atude'. 

And this brings the sisters full circle back to their dream of a t-shirt and clothing line. 


You can find more of her work at these shop addresses:  (the main clothing line)

Etsy SibBling Rivalry  (Harmonica and Blues Music line)

Etsy DreamingLizardStudio (Fun fantasy and frog gift shop) 

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