Conner Healy, sketch form 1996
Conner Healy & Moysie, promo poster insert 2018

Empire Art Supplies will be a shop where you can buy art supplies and learn new techniques or tutorials. Inks, paper, paints will be offered with much more to the artist. Digital down loads of clipart and textures will also be available from Empire Art Supplies that are hand crafted by Cindy with knowledge of what many artist look for when they are in need of something in a pinch. The store will also have a Blog with news, stories and tips & tricks to get you through your creative day. It will absolutely bring the artist closer to their creative Empire!

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Conner Healy, sketch concept 1993

The graphic novel is an on working project and continues between all her other projects but her dream is to bring her main character Conner Healy to life along with his partner Moysie. There will ba a day when it will become a perfect circle and all will come to life. 

Empire Art Supplies is an on line store that is in production and projected to open by October of 2020. This store is something Cindy wanted to do since the time she had lived in Invermere BC, back in 1990's. She tried to open a brick and mortar store but back then it was an impossible feat when you had no money or knowledge on business matters. Over time Cindy learned from a veriety of mentors, classes and tutorials on ways to start a business. The age of internet opened doors for many people and the new frontier of e-commerce made the business world a brand new shiny place for any kind of entrepreneur. 

Empire Art Supplies

The silent beast that has consumed Cindy since the conception of the story back in 1994. Cindy has alway had this one project that has alway ate away at her over the years but never knew how to execute it. She had  multiple opportunities to work with excellent writers and other artist but she never had the focus or the story seemed to be lacking a few aspects when she had partners on the project. The story started out as a few story sketchers with notes on the characters but eventually fleshed out as her abilities matured.

The Paladin Sequence is an introduction to a world on the brink of apocalypse. Told through the eyes of Matthew Paladin, an exorcist who knows all too well what it means to be a thrall to an infernal force, the Paladin Sequence is a retrospective account of the events that have led Matthew to the end of what seems to be mankind’s best hope for salvation. As his allies fall around him, he remembers what brought them together to do battle with forces that were ancient when man first walked the earth. Through a series of flashbacks, we meet the people that are trapped in a web of prophecy written in the religious scriptures of the world, all bound by the presences of two key players: Paladin and Azrael.

A Perfect Circle

Cindy has been very busy over the past year working on multiple projects along with a continuous stream of private commission projects. Clients regularly come to her for a variety of designs and she is always grateful for her followers of her work. Below are the biggest projects that are consuming massive amount of her time and she would like to share with you.

Sib.Bling Rivalry is a new high-end urban clothing line Cindy and her Sister Nicky, created and market. SR Designs is deeply rooted in their belief of creating a limited design with the classical-vintage garage feel to it, and with an iconic look. The Joubert Sisters have created a casual clothing line that has  a rich luxury feel to it. It has been their mission to create clothing that brings out the powerful energy we all carry inside of us and hope to discover.

Sib.Bling Rivalry street-fashion, was created to have limited collections and once the design is sold out that design will not be restocked, creating clothing lines that have an artistic collectors status. 

One of the projects that Cindy is part of, is the epic series called The Paladin Sequence, written by Lance Tuck. The team has their sights on bringing this project to the cinematic world and looking for opportunities.

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