Nicole M Joubert-Henderson

Inspiration for Art

Cindy has learned techniques and been inspired from other artist and photographers such as her sister Nicole, all the way up to iconic artist that have left huge legacies such as Frank Frazetta & Boris Vallejo .

Other artists she has admired and respected have been the following with links to their pages:

​James Ryman -LINK-

​Brom -LINK-

​Craig Elliot -LINK-

​Tim Bradstreet -LINK-

​Lorenzo Sperlonga -LINK- 

Patrick Byers -LINK-

The Paladin Sequence

Cindy is currently involved with a new project that is quickly becoming a cult classic. She is the lead artist for all the book covers and merchandising for the new epic series, The Paladin Sequence written by Lance Tuck.

Cover art by Luis Royo

Cover art by Simon Bisley

Back cover of Jan 2004 H.M. Mag


Cindy has been published in multiple magazines, books and brochures over the years. One of her favourites so far has been for the Heavy Metal magazine, an adult orientated magazine that she has loved since she was a child! 

Dreaming Lizard Graphics Adult & Fantasy Illustrations

Cindy is an award winning artist that has been working as an illustrator and designer since 1988. In the 80's, the time of glam rock and hair bands her contracts were mainly designing art on costumes for musicians and exotic dancers.

She gradually moved into doing graphic design and started creating many business logos, stationary and designs for local companies.

Cindy started getting a stronger foothold in designing illustrative portraits for her clientele in 2010 and now she has been hired from clients from all over North America.

The Joubert Sisters

by Cindy A Joubert-Kelly